LCBO strike is a good reminder: get government out of alcohol sales!

'Could the strike by the 9,000 employees at the Liquor Control Board of Ontario be the most stupid strike in the history of strikes? Sure looks that way to me,' says David Menzies.

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This week, workers at the Liquor Control Board of Ontario have gone on strike, leading many in the province to wonder — wait, why do we need a government-run liquor store?

On Tuesday night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, guest host David Menzies looked at what he called the "stupidest strike in the history of strikes."

Looking at the union's decision to strike over Premier Doug Ford's government deciding to expand the retail alcohol sales market, David said public sympathy is not with LCBO workers:

We're not even into the first full week of this strike, and this is a loser for the union and a win for the government. And while I have no idea how long this strike will last, I'm going to give OPSEU seven-figures worth of free consulting advice, which is to say: hey guys, bend the knee ASAP and order your members back to work.

In fact, as far as I'm concerned, the Ford PCs are going far enough on this file. Obviously, the LCBO will be downsized in the years to come; but it won't disappear entirely like liquor control boards did in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

And that's really a pity. As the LCBO rank-and-file are on the picket lines, we need to ask bigger questions about the very role of government when it comes to retailing alcohol.

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