'Left to die': B.C. woman flees Canada TWICE for adequate cancer care

Kristin Logan, a young veteran, mother, and wife, joins Rebel News to describe the shocking moments leading up to her decision to flee B.C.'s health-care system not once but twice to save her life.

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An estimated 31,379 Canadians died while waiting for surgery or diagnostic scans in just 13 months, according to a Second Street report. And Kristin Logan could have been one of them.

In Spring 2023, Kristin, who was then a healthy, happy mom, wife and veteran, started to fall ill. She began experiencing irregularities with her menstruation and, most notably, severe bloating that made her appear eight months pregnant.

After seeking care at a Vancouver Island hospital, her symptoms were incorrectly brushed off as irritable bowel syndrome, until her husband advocated for the doctors to scan her abdomen to get more answers.

Kristin had Stage 4 ovarian cancer.

As if that wasn’t scary enough, she and her husband, Donovan James, join Rebel News to discuss the many roadblocks the couple faced trying to get care, including the B.C. Cancer Society, which is run by an allegedly violent and NDP-endorsed Dr. Kim Chi.

After withering away, and with a doctor friend suggesting she leave Canada for her best shot at survival, Kristin fled to the University of Washington State Medical Center to immediately experience real care.

Now, Kristin shares how B.C.’s crumbling health-care system failed her a second time only six months after the first, causing the then-dying mother to unplug herself from the hospital and once again flee back to Seattle.

Scott Piercyanother B.C. colon cancer patient who fled the province to save his life, went to Germany. Piercy and Logan have had to pay a small fortune to take such measures despite the B.C. NDP premier’s promise to improve cancer care delays.

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  • By David Menzies

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