BREAKING: Legal campaign launched to help FIGHT Covid fines in the UK

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I’ve got a plan to fight back against the U.K.’s pandemic lockdown — but I need your help.

I’m Canadian, but I fought a long civil liberties battle in the United Kingdom. I’m talking about the jailing of Tommy Robinson for the “crime” of reporting outside a rape gang trial in Leeds back in 2018. With the help of thousands of Brits, I reported on the story from court and I crowdfunded Tommy’s legal bills — because for some reason, British journalists and British civil liberties lawyers refused to help.

Tommy’s free now. But every day I see news from the U.K. that is just as troubling to me.

Millions of Brits are being treated like prisoners, locked in their own homes, banned from going out in public or even running their own businesses.

They’re even coming after the pubs!

The ever-changing lockdown regulations are bizarre, unscientific and punitive. And they’re being written by a ruling class that doesn’t follow the rules themselves.

And it’s getting worse.

Just this week, the First Minister of Wales effectively put three million Welsh citizens under house arrest for two weeks — banning any gatherings at all, indoors or outdoors. That’s called “solitary confinement” and it’s a form of torture.

So, just like I did when Tommy was arrested, I’ve decided to do something about this.

I’ve set up a new website called Any Brit who gets a pandemic ticket or a fine or who is arrested can go to that website and fill out a form with the details of their case. Where the case has merit, we’ll crowdfund a civil liberties lawyer to fight the fine in court.

I started this same civil liberties project in Canada, and it’s going great: so far we have 11 people we’re helping to fight the lockdown here, with more signing up all the time. Two of our people have already won their cases: when prosecutors saw that they had serious lawyers, the charges were dropped!

We’ve recently expanded the project into Australia, where Avi Yemini is leading the charge. The Australian state of Victoria has some of the worst lockdown rules in the world. We are helping four people there already, plus we’ve filed a constitutional challenge in court, and there’s more to come.

But what about in the U.K.?

I admire the work being done by patriotic Brits like Peter Hitchens, Simon Dolan and Toby Young — Hitchens is a brilliant writer; Dolan is challenging the lockdown in court and Young’s “lockdown sceptics” website is a wonderful resource.

But who will help ordinary working people who get hit with £1,000 fines just for driving in a car, going out to the store or living their lives?

We will. That’s what I’m announcing today. And I need your help to do three things:

  1. Please share this page far and wide. Tell your friends to visit We have to let people know the plan.
  2. If you (or someone you know) has received an unreasonable lockdown fine, simply use the form on the website to tell us the details. Our lawyers will be in touch to get the facts of your case for court. And we’ll tell your story in the court of public opinion, too.
  3. And finally: if you can, please help us crowdfund to pay for the team of lawyers. I have worked with our lead lawyer before, and he’s outstanding. We have lawyers in London and Manchester, and we’ll help you wherever you are in the U.K. 

I tried for several months to find a local Brit to lead this battle in the UK, just like Avi Yemini is doing in Australia. But it reminded me of when I was helping Tommy — UK journalists and lawyers were just too scared to fight the establishment.

That’s too bad, but I’m not going to let that stop us. 

Whatever it is, it’s time to act — and I think is a great way to start. It’s helping in Canada and Australia, and it can help in the U.K., too.

Check out the website, and let me know what you think!

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  • By Rebel News

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