Liberal MP arrested over Easter for stalking and assault (and we're just finding out now)

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Ontario Liberal MP Marwan Tabbara spent Easter weekend in the slammer and the public is just finding out about it now.

. Look at this in the National Post:

“As Marwan Tabbara sat in jail on Easter weekend after his arrest on allegations he broke into a home he had stalked for months and assaulted a man and woman inside, the sitting Liberal Member of Parliament may have thought his world was about to explode…

“We learned about this issue – the arrest, the charges, everything that had happened – on Friday,” Trudeau said referring to June 5th when the National Post and other news organizations published stories on the arrest within minutes of each other, having learned of them two months after the arrest.”

But that's not true at all — maybe Justin just found out, but I don't believe that. Lots of people knew Tabbara was in the throes of legal troubles for harassment and it came onto the radar of Trudeau and the party including during the campaign!

According to the CBC:

“Member of Parliament Marwan Tabbara... was approved to run for the Liberals in the 2019 federal election despite a party investigation into allegations of sexual harassment made against him during his last mandate...”

The Liberal committee in charge of candidate vetting green-lit this guy. But when we look at the recent examples of harassing behaviour the Liberals were willing to tolerate, I wonder why anyone is remotely surprised that Tabbara was allowed to run for the party.

Lets look at Kent Hehr. a Liberal alleged to have sexually harassment at least two women stemming from his time in the Alberta legislature were independently investigated and found to be credible. However, Hehr was allowed to run again for the Liberal Party and the party blocked the detailed findings of the investigation from becoming public even though his accusers wanted them to be made available to everyone.

But it's okay, Hehr underwent sexual harassment training with another sexual harasser, his former boss, Justin Trudeau.

And it’s Trudeau’s own admitted creepy behaviour that is the real reason Trudeau allowed Hehr and Tabbara to run for the party. Trudeau admitted to groping a young female reporter in Creston, BC at a music festival in 2000 saying, “I’m sorry. If I had known you were reporting for a national paper, I never would have been so forward” . He means he wouldn't have groped someone with the power to tell a lot of people what he had done to her.

Then he blamed the woman for experiencing his unwanted fondling of her body differently than he did. Just watch: 

Liberal officials put up with that behaviour and did not revolt. In fact, they circled the wagons and offered absolution of Trudeau’s sins against feminism. Not a single one resigned in solidarity with Trudeau's victim.

And Trudeau covered up his own bad behaviour for two decades while lecturing the rest of us about his brave, firm, feminism because it was 2015.

Well it’s 2020 and the Liberals are still covering for the creeps amongst them.

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