Trudeau's MPs pressed about Liberal Minister who told citizen 'F*** you'

How would you feel if you were told ‘f** you’ because you disagree with your employee? Liberal MPs seem to be fine with it, and according to Pablo Rodriguez, it's ok, because he apologized.

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This is the situation that occurred between a Liberal MP in recent weeks when Adam van Koeverden, a Liberal MP, wrote to one of his constituents “f* you” over a disagreement about vaccine mandates, with the constituent calling van Koeverden a “Canadian disgrace” in response.

Adam van Koeverden was then challenged by a Conservative MP in the House of Commons, only then deciding to apologize for his remark.

According to Liberal MPs, everything is fine now, since the person who said this outrageous reply apologized. However, the people Rebel News spoke to on the streets of Ottawa disagree with this conclusion.

On the other hand, Conservative MPs had an easy time when it came to answering my question.

One stated that “this is something you shouldn’t say to someone that you represent, or anyone, really.”

“It’s just out of a matter of respect.”

This is clearly a different opinion than the one Liberal MPs such as Pablo Rodriguez hold.

When it comes to the citizens, on that issue, they align more with the Conservative MP questioned, than with Rodriguez’s friends.

Indeed, one citizen explained that “You don’t expect a member of Parliament to be reacting like that.”

This incident proves just how out of touch Liberal MPs really are with the public.

To see another recent report with Liberal MPs dodging questions regarding Bill C-11, the censorship bill introduced by Trudeau’s government, please click here, and make sure to donate if you want us to continue challenging those politicians, and hold them accountable.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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