Lisa Wilkinson to miss Logies a year after her controversial Brittany Higgins speech

Journo to skip this year's awards ceremony, amid calls for her to hand back her Logie award.

Lisa Wilkinson to miss Logies a year after her controversial Brittany Higgins speech
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Lisa Wilkinson will be reportedly be missing from this year's Logies ceremony amid continuing controversy over her Logie award-winning Brittany Higgins interview.

The Australian media is abuzz with reports of Lisa Wilkinson's absence from The Logies, set to take place at The Star casino in Sydney this Sunday.

The controversy stems from a leaked pre-interview lunch with Brittany Higgins and others, where it appears Wilkinson sought to politicise Higgins' rape allegation during her explosive interview.

Calls have been mounting for Wilkinson to return the prestigious Most Outstanding News Coverage or Public Affairs Report award she received last June for the interview.

The leaked recording of a five-hour meeting between Wilkinson, her Channel Ten producer Angus Llewellyn, Brittany Higgins, and her boyfriend David Sharaz, which took place in a Sydney hotel room in January 2021, fuelled the allegations.

It's claimed that Wilkinson coached and prompted Higgins ahead of the interview about the rape allegations, raising ethical concerns.

During the lunch, they also discussed relying on certain Labor politicians to ask questions in Question Time, and allegedly made mocking remarks about the Liberal Party's preselection of indigenous candidates.

Wilkinson faced criticism for comparing Jacinta Price's preselection to a white family 'hiring a black cleaner,' which led to a later apology.

Despite the controversy surrounding her, Wilkinson had celebrated her triumph at last year's awards ceremony, proclaiming the interview with Brittany Higgins as the most significant work of her 40-year journalism career.

Lisa Wilkinson's absence from Australian television screens for the past eight months is noteworthy, especially considering she continues to receive a substantial seven-figure salary from Channel 10.

With controversy still surrounding Wilkinson and her award-winning interview, her decision to skip The Logies has only added fuel to the ongoing debate.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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