“Lockdowns are destroying lives” Will Witt on Andrew Says

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After discovering PragerU’s videos as a student at the University of Colorado Boulder, Will Witt's motivation to continue with his studies slowly diminished as he lost his ability to identify with the content of his courses.

After two semesters, Witt decided to post a video to PragerU, which later turned into a job, making him the biggest face of the organization outside of the founder himself, Dennis Prager.

A college dropout turned social media star, Witt has garnered tens of millions of views and around one million social media followers.

This landed him on the cover of the New York Times and set him up as one of the top creators in the online media political landscape.

Will joins Andrew to discuss his beginnings, controversies, and the recent lockdowns that have turned his current residence of California into one of the least free regions in the western world.

Discussing everything from hairstyles to death threats and “problematic” videos, Andrew and Will finally meet in what has been nearly two years in the making of social media back-and-forth.

To view the previous episode featuring Dave Rubin, click here.

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