Macron dissolves parliament, calls snap election as French voters surge to the right

French President Emmanuel Macron suffered a crushing blow with his party's defeat in the European elections as far-left activists threaten more unrest amid rising tensions.

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Emmanuel Macron dissolved the French parliament after a massive defeat at the European elections.

The result saw far-left activists rioting the street, threatening to escalate their wave of destruction if the right-wing party, Rassemblement National, wins election in the second round of the legislative election on July 7th.

On June 9th, French President Emmanuel Macron dissolved the parliament after his poor performance in the European parliamentary vote. His party was defeated by Marine Le Pe'sn Rassemblement National).

Macron called for the public to unite against 'the extreme,' warning of a potential civil war if the far-right or far-left win at the French elections. The first legislative election round will be on June 30th and the second on July 7th.

"This may be the worst political crisis we have experienced for more than 70 years," said French journalist Rémi Tell from TV L'Officiel. "On the left
side, on the right side, but also on the presidential side with Emmanuel Macron, who has been humiliated with these European elections, as less
than 15% of French people have voted for his party. There are lots of tensions among the parties themselves."

The initial hope for a coalition, encompassing both the right and far-right, has been dashed.

"We had the hope of a coalition, a big coalition gathering the right and the far right. But this hope has been deceived, as the National Rally (Rassemblement National) doesn’t want to make that coalition," Tell explained. Similarly, the left's attempt at coalition has faltered over disagreements on the Israeli-Palestinian issue.

“Against all odds, this dissolution of the French National Assembly could lead to the re-election of Emmanuel Macron. But he theorized that chao — this is chaos in France right now, and he plays on that chaos,” Tell added.

Immigration has been a significant factor in the political landscape as most Western European countries are facing massive immigration.

"We have half a million immigrants coming to France every year for almost 40 years. The far left tries to capitalize on that, promoting Islamic values and fueling tensions,” Tell noted.

The potential for civil unrest is a looming threat.

"They say if the Rassemblement National wins the election, we will riot in France. The far-left with all these immigrants has already started rioting. Shops have been attacked because their owners are supposed to vote for Marine Le Pen," Tell said.

“The French Secret Service issued a notice saying they are very concerned about the risk of civil war if the Rassemblement National wins the election. Emmanuel Macron is playing on this fear to sway voters.”

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