Mainstream media downplays COVID-19 vaccine 'glitch' impacting up to 30% of recipients

A recent Nature publication has revealed unintended consequences of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines, causing citizen scientists to raise additional safety and efficacy concerns. They are calling for a thorough investigation and public disclosure from regulatory agencies.

Mainstream media downplays COVID-19 vaccine 'glitch' impacting up to 30% of recipients
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There continue to be mounting safety concerns with the mRNA platform globally, and yet, when those concerns are scientifically proven, the mainstream media works to quickly brush them off as harmless. 

A recent Nature publication by Mulroney et al, conducted under the guidance of the UK government, revealed the unintended consequences of adding modified DNA to COVID-19 mRNA vaccines.

This modified DNA is a synthetic compound of uridine known as N1-methyl pseudouridine [N1]. It’s often used to reduce the chances of the immune system reacting too strongly to the vaccination and to enhance the translation of mRNA into the cells – a process known as transcription.

The authors observed a change in how the cells of vaccinated individuals read genetic instructions due to the addition of N1. In turn, this created the formation of unintended and abnormal proteins, a phenomenon referred to as “ribosomal frameshifting.”

While the Telegraph disregarded this as a mostly harmless immune system “glitch,” the consequences are completely unknown when this frameshifting occurs at certain and/or unknown points in the genetic code.

Genomics expert Kevin McKernan, scientists David Speicher and David Wiseman, along with microbiologist Jessica Rose and pharmacist Maria Gutschi—citizen scientists in their own right—are raising urgent concerns.

The “error-prone” code has “huge potential to be harmful,” they commented in a preprint paper on the misreading of mRNA in COVID-19 vaccines.

They mentioned developmental and regulatory failures in asking fundamental questions that could affect the safety and effectiveness of these products. They also cited a lack of disclosure from the manufacturer regarding these unintended consequences.

Dr. David Speicher commented that he was “unsurprised,” by the findings, “given the emerging scientific literature and the large number of vaccine-injured people globally.”

"Whenever our cells create an abundance of unintended proteins or prevent production of appropriate proteins it could lead to an unintended immune response with a huge potential to cause harm. Instead of dismissing these findings as a ‘glitch’ we need to focus our efforts and determine what is exactly going on. We owe it to all those who are vaccine-injured," Speicher added.

In summarizing their concerns, the authors pointed out that the Mulroney study was “conducted under the auspices of the United Kingdom Government” and therefore, they “must assume UK regulators, manufacturers and international regulatory agencies, including FDA, were apprised of the data many months ago.”

“We await their account of what steps they have taken to investigate why the formation of off-target protein was not disclosed sooner, what toxic effects they may have caused and what steps they have taken to prevent harm in the future and to inform the public of these findings.”

Rebel News has reached out to Health Canada for comment.

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