Make Trudeau Afghanistan failures a top election issue | Jeff Callaway with Adam Soos

The withdrawal from Afghanistan has been an unmitigated disaster. The day Kabul fell back into the hands of the Taliban, Justin Trudeau called an election.

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The Biden administration’s catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan has cemented his legacy as a failed president.

Many Democrats and Republicans alike share a non-interventionalist mentality when it comes to the Middle East, but no one aside from the most stilted of cheerleaders is applauding how the withdrawal was managed. Afghanistan has been set back twenty years, in many ways they are worse off because the Taliban is now more equipped than ever thanks to the reckless abandoning of weapons caches throughout the region.

The cost in human suffering is terrible and multi-faceted. Not only are men, women and children alike now subject to a terrorist regime that is actively carrying out indescribable horrors, but the soldiers and Afghani allies who paid a heavy price, often with lives and limbs, are witnessing the hard-earned freedom of the people evaporate, as though their sacrifices meant nothing.

A great deal of criticism has been levied against a befogged Joe Biden, even in the often Democrat-sympathetic mainstream media in Canada, but there has not been nearly enough said about Justin Trudeau’s failure to honour and protect those in Afghanistan who risked everything to support Canadian efforts in the region. Many have simply been left to the mercy, or lack thereof, of the Taliban.

Worse still, the Liberal government has publicly opted for a wait-and-see mentality when it comes to answering whether they would acknowledge Taliban rule. Anything less than a categorical refusal to accept the legitimacy of Taliban rule is offensive and a direct affront to those who have died fighting the Taliban, and to those who will die under their rule. Maryam Monsef, Minister for Women and Gender Equality, even publicly called the Taliban “our brothers.”

In a sane world, these Taliban-sympathetic remarks would be enough to unseat any government, and they may very well be, but Justin Trudeau’s failure to honour our allies has to date not been a major election issue. It should be.

Jeff Callaway, controversial former United Conservative Party leadership candidate and occasional Western Standard contributor penned an article making precisely that point, so we joined him for an interview to discuss and shed some light on this pivotal issue.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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