MONTAGE: The Dutch prime minister's plan to apply the Great Reset to the Netherlands

Mark Rutte is an agenda contributor at the World Economic Forum and is enacting policies that reflect the WEF's ideology.

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Farmers have been protesting across the Netherlands over the past week due to the Dutch government's climate policy aimed at reducing nitrogen emissions.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte is at the forefront of these policies, ideas he has touted for the past decade as the most important issue facing the world.

The Netherlands is a major contributor on the international agricultural market, and the proposal to reduce livestock has caused division between the country's farmers and government.

To achieve its goal of reducing nitrogen emissions, the government intends to arrange and formulate these plans by, you guessed it, 2030. Is it any surprise that Mark Rutte, the prime minister, is an “agenda contributor” to the World Economic Forum?

Klaus Schwab, the chairman of the World Economic Forum is closely connected to the Dutch government and Rutte, especially given the Forum's new Food Innovation Hub initiative. These widespread changes to our systems are commonly referred to as the Great Reset, which Rutte says he knows nothing about.

These protests involving tractors blockading airports, international borders and highways are reminiscent of the Canadian trucker convoy. An odd coincidence in the comparison between the two countries' protests is the close relationship between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Rutte.

And it seems like the Dutch protesters are inspired by Canadian truckers while Rutte is inspired by Canadian climate policy.

“The shared values of freedom and democracy,” Rutte said in the past. “This is something that binds the two countries together.”

However, much like the brutal shakedown of Canadian truckers, Rutte’s policemen have not been upholding the promise of his party, the so-called People's Party for Freedom and Democracy.

Rebel News has sent two journalists, Lincoln Jay and Lewis Brackpool, to cover these protests on the ground. The importance of this is very high due to the mishandling of the story by Dutch media — and much like here in Canada with Trudeau's media bailouts, Rutte has hinted that the government pays the salaries in the Netherlands. 

Continue to follow along with Rebel News' coverage and support our reporting on the Dutch Farmer Rebellion at

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Dutch Farmer Rebellion

Rebel News has returned to the Netherlands to cover the Dutch farmer protests against the government's plan to limit carbon and nitrogen emissions from their farms. Please donate here to support our 100% viewer-funded journalism and offset the cost of our economy-class airfare, accommodations, and meals.

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