Maxime Bernier denounces Poilievre for calling him 'woke like Trudeau'

'Calling me woke is just another buzzword or slogan [Poilievre] can use for clicks and views on social media,' says PPC leader Maxime Bernier.

Maxime Bernier denounces Poilievre for calling him 'woke like Trudeau'
The Canadian Press / Justin Tang (for both photos)
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Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre accused his PPC counterpart Maxime Bernier of being "just like Justin Trudeau" as he barraged his opponent with political potshots.

"Both of them have expressed support for Quebec separatism. Both would need a map to find Winkler or Portage. They both have said they admired China's dictatorship," rambled Poilievre at a June 2 press conference. 

A reporter asked the Tory leader if he considered Bernier a threat in the Manitoba riding of Portage-Lisgar. Poilievre did not.

"Only the Conservative party will bring home lower prices by axing the carbon tax…[and] powerful paychecks with lower taxes that reward hard work," he said. "Only Conservatives will protect farmers, hunters, and licensed sport shooters against the attacks of Justin Trudeau."

The Tory leader even accused Bernier of supporting 'woke' policies.

The PPC leader told Rebel News that Poilievre's comments demonstrate how "terrified he really is" about having a 'true conservative' opponent in Portage-Lisgar. 

"This riding is where the PPC earned the most support in the 2021 general election, with our candidate receiving almost 22% of the vote," said Bernier. "This is also where the largest rally of the campaign was held, with thousands of people attending near Winkler. 

"It's a riding with many voters who share the PPC's conservative, libertarian and populist approach to politics, and one where we have the best potential to elect a member of Parliament."

"He can't attack me on PPC principles and policies because he knows they're very popular among his base," contends Bernier. "All he can do is repeat the nonsense about "splitting the vote," or invent stuff about me being woke that nobody will believe." 

The PPC recently announced a party policy to counter 'radical gender ideology' to outlaw the gender transitioning of minors, remove sexually explicit literature from public libraries, and modify Bill C-4 to permit help for children with gender dysphoria.

The right-wing alternative also proposed a policy defending the unborn and, if elected, pledged to table the Protection of Preborn Children Act to "limit the legal availability of abortion to 24 weeks maximum." He would permit other PPC parliamentarians to vote their conscience on the issue.

"I find it hilarious that he says I supported woke policies in the House of Commons ten years ago when he's supporting Trudeau's woke policies right now!" said Bernier.

He called out the Conservatives for "further enabling transgender craziness" by unanimously passing Bill C-4, An Act to amend the Criminal Code (conversion therapy) to ban conversion therapy. The controversial legislation finally passed in December 2021 after being introduced in Parliament a third time to criminalize conversion therapy.

The first bill died when the Trudeau Liberals prorogued Parliament in 2020. A second version introduced not long after didn't pass the Senate before the Liberals cleared their legislative after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau dropped the writ to call another general election.

"I agree with parts of it, as no one should be forced to undergo therapy to change their sexuality," said Bernier, but he disagrees with being unable to help minors with gender dysphoria.

"In schools today, boys and girls are taught they may not be boys and girls. They are being encouraged by an entire trans-industry of psychologists and surgeons to transition where they receive hormones and surgical procedures," he continued.

"Many grow up to regret it."

Ultimately, Bernier contends that Poileivre "doesn't understand what woke means."

"He is the one too cowardly to defend the unborn. He is the one who refuses to stand up to the globalists pushing climate hysteria on us. He is the one who supports Trudeau's mass immigration policies," he said.

"Calling me woke is just another buzzword or slogan [Poilievre] can use for clicks and views on social media."

The PPC leader said his focus is on the 'here and now' and the issues affecting Canada today. 

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  • By Tamara Ugolini


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