Media outlets condemn Chrystia Freeland, police over arrest of David Menzies

David Menzies was arrested after a plainclothes police officer bumped into him, accusing Menzies of assault, after he asked the Deputy PM why the government won't put the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps on Canada's list of terrorist entities.

Media outlets condemn Chrystia Freeland, police over arrest of David Menzies
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Yesterday, we released footage of Rebel News reporter David Menzies being arrested after asking Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland questions as she was entering a ceremony to commemorate victims of a plane shot down by Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

That footage has since gone viral online, with “Rebel News” ranking as the top trend on X in Canada since the video's release. Supporters and critics alike are expressing outrage over the police mistreatment of a journalist asking questions of an elected official on a public sidewalk.

Today, the story is being shared far and wide online, with Menzies making appearances on podcasts and radio shows, alongside interviews with written outlets.

First, Menzies joined Rebel News boss Ezra Levant for a special emergency livestream to discuss the incident and touch on Rebel News' next steps to fight back — all of which you can follow and help support at

Then some of the largest political commentators, like Russell Brand chimed in on what happened: 

Joining another livestream, Menzies spoke to Viva Frei and his 395,000 subscribers on Rumble about yesterday's shambolic display of policing. “[T]his is a despicable assault not just on David Menzies of Rebel News but on freedom of the press,” he told Viva Frei.

You can watch their full discussion on Rumble, where Menzies joined about 18:15 into the show.

Menzies also joined True North's Andrew Lawton on his live show, where he told the host about a similar incident from Dec. 2021 with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's security, something Cosmin Dzsurdzsa touched on in the outlet's written piece:

They knew who we are, I'm completely identifiable. I've got the Rebel News mic flash in my hands, and I think they acted on the prime minister's orders. He saw us, he hates us. He said, 'boys, give him the works,' because to me it's inexplicable that Mounties on their own accord would jump out of their SUVs and assault a journalist.

Lawton, who also serves as president of the Independent Press Gallery, condemned the actions on behalf of the organization in a statement.

Police are there to uphold the law and public safety, not to prevent politicians from being asked questions by journalists who the government will not permit to ask questions in official settings,” he said.

Meanwhile, in the written world of journalism, independent and mainstream outlets alike have covered the incident. Beth Baisch, who also covers protests in Toronto like Menzies, detailed the story over at the Post Millennial.

The Western Standard shared the footage in a story, and columnist Linda Slobodian was critical of Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland's role in the exchange.

“What a disgraceful display on Freeland’s part, that superior Liberal arrogance that is above answering questions, then walking away from what unfolded,” she wrote. “An honourable politician would have told the RCMP to back off, stand down, not overreact.”

The National Post, Toronto Sun, CTV and yes, even CBC, also covered the story. 

“The incident is particularly hypocritical for the smirking Freeland, a former Financial Times and Reuters journalist, who just last year praised a free press as 'inherently and necessarily uncomfortable,'” penned Post columnist Rahim Mohamed.

David Menzies spoke with Laura Ingraham of Fox News too. 

Rebel News will not stand for this injustice against David Menzies and freedom of the press. That's why we're fighting back, but we're taking on the unlimited resources of the government. If you'd like to help support our legal fight, visit

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