Meet Adam Soos! Rebel News' new Calgary-based reporter

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Last week's episode of The Gunn Show featured an introduction to Rebel News' brand new reporter, Adam Soos

Adam has done some past civil liberties work for the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms. He walked with Sheila Gunn Reid at the March for Life a few years ago in Edmonton and they even bumped into each other at an anti-Trudeau event in Calgary.

We're glad he's joined the team! But how did Adam become a conservative? Why did he want to work for Rebel News? What does he plan to use his new Rebel News soapbox to advocate for? 

Sheila answers all these question and chats with Adam about his thoughts on the pandemic. 

On how the government communicating with citizens throughout the pandemic, Adam said to Sheila:

The level of government accountability has been on the decline recently. These aren't the days anymore where our prime minister is railroaded for an $80,000 spending scandal. We're talking about billions of dollars of lost infrastructure projects—an absolute disaster.

This is only an excerpt from the The Gunn Show

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