Meet Katie Daviscourt, Rebel News' newest reporter

Meet the newest Rebel reporter, Katie Daviscourt. Katie is based in Seattle, Washington and recently joined us in covering the farmer rebellion in the Netherlands.

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On last night's episode of the Ezra Levant Show, we were joined by Rebel News' newest reporter, Katie Daviscourt (follow @KatieDaviscourt on Twitter).

Katie is based in Seattle, Washington, and got her start reporting on Seattle's BLM riots of 2020. Katie recently joined us in covering the farmer rebellion in the Netherlands.

Explaining how she got her start in journalism, Katie told Ezra:

When Antifa and Black Lives Matter, the riots of 2020, they overthrew a six-block radius of Seattle, it was hardly reported on by our local news in Seattle. And so that's when I kind of started getting my start. I started out as an independent reporter a little bit before the riots started, because there wasn't a focus on the desecration of the city of Seattle by the hands of the progressive policies that have been enacted. And I said why is there only one side being shared?

So I went out and I started reporting the other side of the story, like what Rebel News does.


When I started going out there in the beginning, they would attack reporters because they consider people out there with phones as cops. They think that cameras are cops. So they hate the police and reporters go, and they don't want their crimes to be filmed.

So I've actually been attacked by them a few times, not any violent assaults, but they use intimidation tactics to silence who they believe is their opposition.

So not only have they physically assaulted me, but they have come to my apartment, they know where I live, they have slashed my tires multiple times and they have put flyers of me around my city, they put flyers of my own family members around my city, all to try to intimidate me to not report on their actions. And I just think that it is insane that our city council, the Seattle city council, actually kind of supports them.

This is just a clip from the full episode of the Ezra Levant Show.

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