Menzies vs. the LCBO, Avi vs. Agitators: the Best of Rebel News' 2021

From David Menzies' battle over a bottle with Ontario's liquor monopoly to Avi Yemini's close encounter with a hater, Andrew Chapados recaps some of the highlights of 2021.

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Join Andrew Chapados for the Top 10 Countdown of Rebel News' best videos of 2021.

From David Menzies in the marketplace to Avi Yemini face-to-face with an agitator, Andrew counts down our favourite and most viral videos of the year.

If you missed any of our hits, be sure to view the links below:

10. David Menzies vs. the LCBO

9. Andrew Says: How long will you wear a mask?

8. An Intro to Lewis Brackpool

7. Chris Sky and the Airport

6. Avi Yemini Isn't Allowed Security

5. The Pastor Artur Highway Arrest

4. “Media Juif”

3. It's Illegal to Shake Hands

2. The Avi Argument

1. I'm on a Boat

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