MLB all-star J.T. Realmuto blasts Justin Trudeau's COVID restrictions

'I'm not going to let Canada tell me what I do and don't put in my body for a little bit of money, it's not worth it,' he stated, before missing the series against the Blue Jays.

MLB all-star J.T. Realmuto blasts Justin Trudeau's COVID restrictions
Instagram/JT_Realmuto, Flickr/JustinTrudeau
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The Philadelphia Phillies will be forced to play their series in Toronto against the Blue Jays without their all-star catcher J.T. Realmuto, as well as infielder Alec Bhaum and pitchers Aaron Nola and Kyle Gibson, due to Canadian restrictions on unvaccinated travellers.

Among the players faced with a two week quarantine upon entering the country, Realmuto wasn’t one to stay silent on the issue, telling the media that as a healthy athlete he didn't feel he needed the vaccine.

“I'm a healthy, 31-year-old professional athlete,” the all-star affirmed. “I just didn't feel the need to get it. I've had COVID a couple times, super mild symptoms, back when it first came out. When it came time to decide whether I needed a vaccine or not, I talked to a couple doctors that I knew and told them my story, and really decided I didn't think I needed it. I wasn't going to take it just because I was told to, basically.”

“It is an extremely unfortunate situation,” he said. The Christian baseball player will be obligated to watch the game from television, and his team is already expected to be missing even more players due to injuries and demotions.

The Blue Jays, who had lost nine of 10 games prior to facing the Phillies, now have won both games against the American team, including a one-run victory last night. 

Realmuto made sure to let the press know prior to the start of the series that he truly wished the personal choices he made regarding his body wouldn’t affect the team. Unfortunately, it seems that it has done just that. 

Justin Trudeau’s vaccine mandates have brought more international eyes to Canada. Despite the multiple protests have occurred against his discriminatory measures, and that are still occurring, he continues to follow the same guidelines without clearly stating what metrics will cause the measures to end. 

In early June, hours before the federal government announced an end to travel restrictions on unvaccinated Canadians leaving the country by plane, Rebel News was able to find Transport Minister Omar Alghabra and question him about COVID measures. Even then, the minister wouldn’t answer questions.

The Liberals continue to follow the same pattern and refuse to tell Canadians when this will end.

But for the time being, unvaccinated foreign athletes, singers, politicians and regular citizens will continue to be penalized for refusing to take a COVID injection. Realmuto and the rest of the unvaccinated Phillies will be stuck looking on as the team tries to avoid a sweep at the hands of the Blue Jays.

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