Montreal man fined for removing mask to unlock phone with facial ID

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Montreal is one of the most oppressive lockdown jurisdictions in the entire country. Protesters are routinely arrested, detained and fined. Residents are subject to nightly curfews. Synagogues have been stormed by the cops and people have been fined, or, worse, charged criminally for praying on the Sabbath.

It feels like Montreal is a city in North Korea, not North America, and Montrealer Daniel Boucher had had enough. Because he stood up for his civil rights, Daniel ended up with a lockdown ticket, and is now our latest Fight The Fines client.

Fight the Fines is a Rebel News civil liberties campaign that fights lockdown tickets on behalf of the victims of the lockdown restrictions who receive them. We crowdfund lawyers to fight the lockdown tickets in court, at no cost to the client.

Danny went to one of the weekly protests against the lockdown in Montreal, however, he didn’t want to get a lockdown ticket, or worse. He did his best to follow the rules. He wore a mask. He even social distanced. He just wanted to show his discontent with the government's decision to limit freedom and free enterprise to stop a virus that nearly everyone recovers from.

During the protest, Daniel pulled his mask down to use face ID to unlock his phone. That’s when the cops nabbed him for not wearing a mask. The mask was on his chin for a couple of seconds. That’s all, but the cops didn’t seem to care.

It’s ridiculous and petty, and when we heard Daniel’s story, we just knew we had to help him. We put Daniel in touch with a top lawyer, Christina Muccari, and we are paying his legal fees to fight this spiteful fine in court. If you’d like to help Daniel and the hundreds of others across the country fight their lockdown tickets in court, please donate today at

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  • By Ezra Levant

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