Montreal's COVID Curfew: How Rebel News showed the REAL story

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Quebec has finally lifted its laughable COVID curfew.

But why was there a curfew in the first place? Is the virus more contagious in the evening? 

Our Montreal correspondent, Yanky Pollak, has been covering the curfew circus in la belle province since day one, reporting on the story when no other media would.

Yanky told David about how many of the tickets he saw given out were to people who had the “papers” they were supposed to have in order to be able to go out after curfew. 

But the police get to pick and choose who they ticket regardless of any exemptions. 

And that's why Rebel News is helping to fight these tickets. 

If you can chip in to help cover our legal fees and help Canadians fight for their freedoms, please consider donating at

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