New billboard: alongside Alberta's busiest highway

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Rebel News is unveiling another 47-linear-feet of freedom along the side of Alberta’s busiest highway! We just erected a new billboard telling the world about our largest civil liberties project to date:

It was a freezing, cold day for me at the billboard site, but it was still exciting to see it go up.

That’s because this beautiful new billboard will get 1.3 million monthly impressions south of Edmonton along Highway 2, informing those who see it that Rebel News is here to help if they get a lockdown ticket by providing a free criminal lawyer at no cost to fight their fine in court.

While the billboard is in Alberta, Rebel News is helping people fight their lockdown fines all across the country.

Congregants have been ticketed for attending in-person religious services. Seniors have been arrested and fined for not wearing a mask while in the act of filling prescriptions for the very condition making them mask exempt. Carollers have been fined for signing in the park. Pastors have been issued tickets for feeding the homeless.

We are helping them all.

But we need your help to do it. Fighting tickets costs way more than just paying the tickets, but defending civil liberties and putting the government back in check are more important.

If you would like to help cover the legal costs to keep Canada as strong and free as possible during the pandemic, please donate today at

If you have a lockdown ticket, don't pay it. Fight it. Send it to Rebel News at

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  • By David Menzies

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David Menzies is being intimidated, falsely arrested, and harassed in a repeated effort. It needs to stop and we're fighting back.

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