New docs show Liberals' plastic registry will cost $7 million to set up

The registry will cost an additional $600,000 per year to run once launched.

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The Trudeau Liberals' federal plastics registry will cost $7 million to set up, and another $600,000 annually to maintain.

The information about the predicted cost to identify and count plastics used, manufactured and imported across the whole of the Canadian economy was revealed through an inquiry of the Environment Ministry by Conservative MP Warren Steinley.

The plastics registry is the latest in the Trudeau government's war on the oil industry using inert petrochemicals as a proxy.

The feds' ban on single-use plastics was recently ruled unconstitutional after a legal challenge spearheaded by the province of Alberta, although Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault has promised to appeal.

Single-use plastics were reclassified as schedule one toxins on a list populated by deadly chemicals like lead, asbestos and mercury.

According to data provided by Guilbeault, the government's cost to collect data for the registry is $7,294,154, projected over five years to establish the registry. The registry will cost another $600,756 each year subsequent for maintenance.

The cost will likely be much higher.

After years of Liberals telling Canadians that their inflationary carbon tax on literally everything in this country would put more money in people's pockets and cause some sort of green renaissance in the economy, new documents released by the government show that the carbon tax is going to carve $25 billion directly out of the Canadian economy.

The federal government managed to take a private sector pipeline initially proposed at $5.4 billion and suck it into the bosom of the government and puke it back out for an overdue and over-budget cost of $34 billion.

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