Niagara Health fires staffer over vax mandate despite being exempt since 2014

The worker and Niagara Health had agreed to a religious vaccine exemption in 2014, but those terms apparently changed during COVID-19.

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Robin Bigger was discarded by administrative staff at Niagara Health in April 2022, despite having a religious vaccine refusal form signed in 2014 as part of her hiring contract.

As a married mother of four, Bigger had been employed by Niagara Health for nearly a decade when she was terminated due to the denial of a sincerely held religious exemption to all vaccinations — not just the novel COVID injection.

Bigger worked in medical device processing, a position that had no direct patient contact. She was responsible for sanitizing medical equipment between procedures such as getting stitches or having a baby.

Bigger was hired by Niagara Health in 2014 with a documented religious vaccine exemption on her file; it was part of her hiring contract.

In light of COVID-19, it no longer holds merit.

Ontario instituted Directive 6 in late summer of 2021 under the advice of Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Kieran Moore. While it always stipulated accommodation for vaccine exemptions, it also laid the groundwork for institutions to disregard said exemptions and institute indiscriminate vaccine mandates instead.

And conflict of interest riddled vaccine pusher Dr. Moore enabled this behaviour.

After months of fear and reinforcement of such aggressive discriminatory measures from government bureaucrats and health necromancers, Niagara Health announced their vaccine mandate in October of 2021, which would take effect January 27 2022.

Oddly, on January 6 they postponed the firing of their unvaccinated staff.

After one year of hospital staff dancing with desolate emergency departments in their midst, it was only after the miraculous injections rolled out that they became overwhelmed.

The real-world data was contradicting the narrative of “safe and effective,” which is why places like Public Health Ontario stopped publishing datasets on hospitalizations, cases and death rates based on vaccination status in the summer of 2022.

And despite the fact that Bigger’s signed employment contract involved a vaccine exemption pre-dating COVID, her employer went full health authoritarian. Even still, she tried to jump through all of the hoops to obtain a religious exemption.

Bigger requested procedural information and asked for clarification on how she could ensure her paperwork met the administrators threshold. Niagara Health wanted all of Bigger's information but would not share or clarify their own.

Bigger’s request was denied on the grounds that her request did not meet “the threshold for the requested exemption.”

Rebel News reached out to the media contact for Niagara Health, Erica Bajer, with requests for clarification including a copy of the current COVID-19 vaccine policy, what science was used to determine its stance that COVID-19 vaccines reduce illness and/or severe outcomes, how long the policy would remain in place and how many exemption requests were approved.

In addition to the above, Rebel News questioned how this policy aligns with the diversity, equity and inclusion goals of Niagara Health.

No one responded at the time of publication of this report.

Bigger is left grappling with mounting legal bills as she files both a human rights tribunal case for religious discrimination and goes through the grievance process with her union for wrongful dismissal, for which she is crowdfunding to help offset the cost of litigation.

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  • By Drea Humphrey

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