'No More Comments' Lady: The director’s cut!

Check out our extended interview with the sole counter-protester at the 'Rolling Thunder' rally in Ottawa.

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As Rolling Thunder supporters descended upon the National War Memorial in Ottawa last weekend, thousands of counter-demonstrators descended upon the scene. Um, would you believe hundreds? A dozen? How about… one?

Yes, one lonely little counter-protester embracing the haberdashery of Witchiepoo from H.R. Puffnstuff was standing outside the office of the prime minister displaying a sign that read: “Convoy go home.” (It was somewhat heartbreaking to inform her that the trucker convoy did go home way back in February…)

In any event, given that the message on her signage was outdated by two months, we asked her what she was trying to convey.

Firstly, she mentioned how freedom is “nebulous.” We reckon she doesn’t understand the definition of nebulous.

Then she complained about white men. We asked what race has to do with the gathering at the National War Memorial. Initially she denied she had said anything race-based, but then conceded that, yes, she did.

This mix-up apparently triggered a meltdown that would make Trigglypuff blush. Indeed, she soon yelled over and over and over again at the top of her lungs: “No more comments! No more comments!”

It was astonishing how she could maintain the volume of her screaming. Indeed, Canadian Opera Company take note: surely, a new diva awaits!

Check out our extended interview with this lovely lass. And we must ponder: why is it when those on the far left have nothing to say, they tend to yell it?

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