No, “store policy” can't include “No Mask Exemptions”

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For the last year, the Rebel News inbox has been flooded with instances of stores and restaurants not abiding by mask bylaws, specifically with regards to exemptions.

Most bylaws allow for multiple exemptions to wearing a mask. For example, the City of Toronto’s bylaw includes exemptions for those with medical conditions, those who can't put a mask on or take it off themselves, and children under two years old.

The bylaw also states: “The policy shall not require employees or members of the public to provide proof of any of the exemptions set out.

Despite these explicit exemptions, many consumers have contacted Rebel News to share their story about their rights being violated by businesses that refuse to honour their exemptions, most often stating that the customer is “trespassing” because they are not wearing a mask.

We encourage our viewers to go to for information on properly filing a human rights complaint if they have been discriminated against illegally.

In a best case scenario, making a human rights complaint will be unnecessary. However, due to the mass of viewer requests regarding stores claiming trespass, or suggesting that customers use 'curb-side pickup' as opposed to providing them equal treatment under the law, citizens may need to contact local bylaw authorities or go to our portal at if they are fined. 

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