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Omar Khadr event at Dalhousie U: Was this $8,000 payment a speaker's fee for a convicted terrorist?

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Just over a year ago, convicted terrorist Omar Khadr was invited to Dalhousie University's government-funded Rebecca Cohn Auditorium in Halifax to speak about his life experiences, like killing an American military medic with a grenade and blinding another.

Dalhousie faced questions about the invitation, which amounted to a cringeworthy celebration of a terrorist's life, condoned by a prestigious university.

The event was held on February 10, 2020 and was hosted by the Roméo Dallaire Child Soldiers Initiative in partnership with Dalhousie's Open Dialogue series.

Protests organized by veterans took place outside of the event, asking why Dalhousie would bring a convicted terrorist to campus, especially one who has killed Canadian allies.

Now, documents obtained by Rebel News show the event actually ran a deficit, with Dalhousie losing over $5,000. The financial breakdown of the event also reveals over $8,000 in fees that were paid to an unidentified recipient.

We have reached out to the university for an explanation.

Did Khadr get paid over $8,000 to speak at the event on top of his first-class travel expenses?

It's not clear.

After we waited over a year for disclosure of these financial documents, we finally received a hastily prepared, one page spreadsheet with virtually no information explaining this expenditure of public funds.

Where did the $8,000 “advancement” payment go?

After cashing a $10,500,000 cheque courtesy of Canadian taxpayers, did Khadr profit even more?

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