Once liberty is suspended, it rarely comes back | Jenin Younes on vax passes, lockdowns

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France recently announced that the country would be mandating vaccines for all healthcare workers by September 15, while also rolling out plans for a vaccine passport to enter a restaurant, shopping mall, hospital, train or plane. The United Kingdom announced it too would be requiring vaccine passports. Locally, provinces in Canada — like Manitoba and Quebec — have declared their intentions on having similar systems here.

Critics of the idea point to this as an infringement on liberty and human rights.

One such critic, Jenin Younes, joined yesterday's edition of The Ezra Levant Show to share her opinion on these recent developments in COVID-19 hysteria.

Speaking about how the increased restrictions that are being enacted across the free world, Jenin told Ezra:

I think we've slid into authoritarianism and we can't get out of it now. Lord Sumption, who's great [and from the] British House of Lords and has been an incredible voice of reason on the side of liberty during this whole thing, wrote about a year ago that you can't suspend liberty and democracy for a short while and then bring it back.

Once you give this kind of power and once our fellow citizens tell us that 'well, it's OK for the state to tell you you can't leave your home,' 'it's OK for the state to force a vaccine on you,' 'it's OK for the state to tell you you have to wear a piece of cloth over your face' it's not that easy to get out of and I think we're seeing that around the world now.

And I'm quite scared, actually.

The full interview with Jenin Younes, and the full episode of The Ezra Levant Show, are available to subscribers of RebelNews+

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