Ontario MUST re-open summer camps for kids!

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It’s official. In Ontario, there will be no summer camp for kids.

But the question arises: why? Why would the government shut down sleepover camps for children… after all, the kids will be in the great outdoors, having fun in the sun, taking in all that glorious Vitamin D. And when you crunch the numbers, there is zero risk.

And get this: why does this government keep “sleepover camps” open for seniors? I'm talking about long term care and nursing homes where the seniors are kept inside? Homes that are responsible for 82% of all Canadian Wuhan virus deaths? That doesn’t make sense.

This is the hypocrisy inherent to Ontario’s summer camp clampdown. Do you really think the kids in Doug Ford’s extended family are truly going to be denied the camping experience? After all, the Premier is one of those fortunate Ontarians. He has a big beautiful cottage. So members of the Ford family will be able to swim and go canoeing and go hiking. As for your kids? Well, they can all just go and take a hike…

And what are these kids in the city supposed to do as summer beckons? Well, I guess, stay in the city and go have some fun in the playgrounds. What am I saying? Those remain closed down with yellow police caution tape. Just stay in the basement playing video games, Junior. Even though not a single child has died in Canada from the virus. Not one.

That’s why we have launched a new website, OpenSummerCamp.com. Please, sign our petition and I’ll deliver this to Premier Ford. 

here is zero health reason to close down the summer camps. And it will possibly destroy a number of those great institutions. It will ruin plans for many families. But my bigger point is this: what’s going to happen to those kids come summertime? Bumming around streets and alleys (not parks and playgrounds, of course!)... as if that won’t be more dangerous.

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