Ontario regulator continuing its witch hunt for COVID-contrarian doctors

With Ontario's health-care system crumbling, is it appropriate for the College of Physicians and Surgeons to be targeting doctors who deviated from the COVID narrative?

Ontario regulator continuing its witch hunt for COVID-contrarian doctors
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The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) has left thousands of patients without access to a family physician amid a worsening family doctor shortage due to ongoing persecutions of doctors who refused to bend the knee to COVID enforcers.

Morally inclined doctors who attempted to treat their patients and offer individualized care, instead of unquestionably following Big Pharma-centric public health whims, continue to be persecuted by their regulator.

One of them is Ontario physician Dr. Mark Trozzi who has upcoming hearings with the CPSO regarding misconduct allegations in which he is referred to as “ungovernable.”

In a post on Trozzi’s website, the hearing schedule includes opening submissions on June 13 followed by expert testimonies from June 13–16, 19 and 20, with legal arguments concluding on July 17.

Expert witnesses will include Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Paul Alexander, and independent clinical reviewer Deanna McLeod.

Lawyer Michael Alexander, who represents Dr. Trozzi and his colleagues Dr. Luchkiw and Dr. Phillips, recently launched Justice For Medicine to raise awareness and funds for the on-going defence of COVID-questioning physicians.

Dr. Trozzi was one of the first pandemic whistleblowers in Canada. In his position as emergency room physician, he saw a completely empty hospital which contradicted the narrative at the time that COVID was overwhelming hospitals.

Trozzi’s colleague, Dr. Luchkiw, is currently awaiting a decision from the CPSO after her disciplinary hearing in May. Like Trozzi, she is accused of misconduct after an anonymous, non-patient-related complaint was launched against her alleging she provided a COVID-19 vaccine exemption to an immunocompromised patient.

Luchkiw also refused to alter a death certificate to list COVID-19 as the cause after a terminally ill cancer patient passed away.

Lawyer Michael Alexander maintains there is no legal basis for these investigations, let alone the need for disciplinary action.

Recently, Dr. Phillips entered a plea of no contest in his case. Trozzi’s post claims that this was done so that resources could be allocated to the continued defence of his colleagues. “In doing so, he has preserved the right to re-apply for his licence should the College Tribunal or the Ontario courts render a judgment in favour of his colleagues,” it reads.

The CPSO — which Trozzi refers to as the “provincial government’s COVID-19 enforcement body” — has effectively quelled access to a primary care physician for thousands of patients registered to doctors Luchkiw, Trozzi and Phillips. They do so at a time when emergency rooms are closing due to worsening staff and family doctor shortages in the province.

The CPSO has a “legislated mandate to ensure quality care is provided by physicians,” according to its website.

Those interested in attending the virtual hearings can do so by emailing a request to [email protected].

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  • By Drea Humphrey

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