Oprah makes racist assertions, ignores her own shady connections

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Billionaire Oprah Winfrey would like you know that there's a racial caste system in America, and even though she is part of the elite, there is a ‘White System’ holding people down.

If you think that's bad, here is Oprah agreeing that even the “poorest of the poor” white people still have it better, simply because of the colour of their skin

Forget about the fact that this is racist, but also remember that while she is lamenting about “the system” and “white privilege”, Oprah is one of the wealthiest and well-connected people in America.

That's what the Democrat Party does: “Rich people are evil, the system is racist...no no not us, the other billionaires.”

They don't want you to do anything about it of course, they want you to stay inside, mail in your votes, but keep watching their shows. “Only TV is fair and equal, keep watching for social justice!”

If the system is corrupt and unequal, Oprah is most definitely part of it.

If you missed the special programme where Oprah explains her close relationship with Harvey Weinstein, that part didn't make the segment.

Of course she's mentioned before that it was "hideous behavior" he took part in, but she also said she had only heard rumours and wasn't personally aware of it.

Of course, how would she know? She's only in the same circle, she would have no idea.

Obviously no one believes all these celebrities saying they had no idea, but if you recall, recording artist Seal was one of the people brave enough to call Oprah out on this topic.

Not only is Winfrey extremely powerful in the entertainment industry, she plays a big part in the political system too.

Obviously, due to her wealth and popularity, her endorsement means a lot to politicians.

She endorsed Obama as all celebrities did, but she even went door-to-door for failed Georgia candidate Stacey Abrams:

Abrams lost, and it's been almost two years and she still hasn't official accepted the election results, it's a sad story.

In fact, any notion that Oprah isn't an elitist partisan is laughable.

Winfrey has been giving money to the Democrats for 25 years:

In 2013, she gave $10,000 to the New Jersey State Democrats.

In 2012, $10,000 to the Ohio Democrats.

1996, $10,000 to the Democrat Senate Campaign Committee. 2013, $10,400 to Cory Booker.

And in 2012, $30,800 to the DNC Services Corporation.

She is a max donor to the Democratic Party, and not just to the main party; Oprah dips her money into specific campaigns in specific areas at different times.

Virginia, Iowa, Colorado, Barack Obama, Corey Booker etc.

Of course she has the right to do so, but to claim there is some system in place that she isn't a part of or doesn't have a say in, is insane.

Now, she's talking like a “democratic socialist” and sounds like one of the members of “The Squad”. Barack Obama didn't talk this way, so why support these radical views now?

Because it's popular, and that's how fake, virtue-signalling celebrities pander for their overlords.

AOC never debates anyone she disagrees with, that whole genre of socialism doesn't believe in debate, “no platforms for fascists” they say.

Well they would be shocked — pretend shocked of course — to see how Oprah made her money in the beginning.

Riveting and intellectually stimulating conversations with skin heads, neo-Nazis and KKK members is how Oprah got her start. That's not to say other trashy talk shows weren't like that at the time, but this is the type of person we're talking about.

Jerry Springer tried to pay a prostitute with a cheque.

Ellen Degeneres has rampant, top-down abuse of her staff members on her show.

Oprah Winfrey is BFFs with Harvey Weinstein.

But elitist Hollywood wants you to believe that everyone with power and status are racist and corrupt, except them.

Oprah's career is filled with mysterious and shady characters.

Remember “John of God”? As a “medium and healer”, he was accused of abusing hundreds of women.

Of course, Joao Teixeira, his real name, was profiled and praised by Oprah for years.

One woman's account reported that she visited his him to rid herself of trauma from a sexual assault, instead what happened was:

“He took her into a back room and had her masturbate him. He then had her pick out a gemstone from a set and granted special treatment. She has also accused him of raping her during another session.”

And there's more than that, another self-help guru got three people killed in a literal sweat lodge, popularized by caste-system expert Oprah Winfrey.

Why do all the high-profile entities attached to Oprah turn out this way?

I'm not the first one to point these things out, but why now? Why is Oprah spouting racist, communist doctrine...she never used to.

It's fairly simple:

  1. It's popular and this is how Democrats talk now.
  2. Because of Trump.

Whether it's Robert de Niro, Tom Hanks, or Ellen, everything seems to be crashing down for Hollywood.

People are fleeing the area in droves, just ask Joe Rogan:

Crime is up, taxes are way up, and homelessness is way, way up.

They are losing their power, and they are doing anything they can think of to hold onto it.

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