OTTAWA RECAP: Conservatives introduce motion to cut taxes, Alghabra wants higher taxes, Gerretsen melts down

Find out what you missed in Parliament. Yesterday, tax talks were all over the place, with the Conservatives introducing a motion to lower taxes — one that caused Liberal MP Mark Gerretsen to have a meltdown and scream at the top of his lungs. Transport Minister Omar Alghabra also refused to answer Rebel News’ questions.

OTTAWA RECAP: Conservatives introduce motion to cut taxes, Alghabra wants higher taxes, Gerretsen meltdowns
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“The Liberals have no climate plan,” stated Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre, in his first statement during question period. “What they have is a tax plan that has failed to reach a single solitary environmental target that they have set.”

Throughout this week, Conservatives have not left the Liberals alone when it comes to their upcoming tax hikes. Today, Poilievre lashed out at Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, calling out the Liberals’ irresponsible fiscal policies. 

“Why won’t they cancel their tax hikes so Canadians can afford to eat?” he asked. 

“The people who are out of touch are a party who believes it is a good idea to slash our pensions and undermine an EI system,” Freeland answered. “Our customers, our clients, the U.S. and the U.K., they will only buy Canadian products if we take action too.”

In response, the Conservative leader said “51% cannot afford to eat.” Poilievre continued, saying that “Students are living in homeless shelters while they study. This is Canada! Will they wake up to what’s going on in this country and cancel their heartless tax hikes?”

“Our government will take no lessons from the Conservatives,” Freeland responded.

Prior to question period, the Conservatives brought forward a motion called the “moratorium on taxes,” which aims to lower taxes during the current inflationary crisis.

As expected, the Liberals firmly opposed the motion, which is part of the recent fiscally-responsible tone the Conservatives have taken since legislators returned to Ottawa from their summer break.

Mark Gerretsen, the Liberal MP for Kingston and the Islands, was the first to meltdown and shout in the House of Commons to make his point. 

“They have a tendency to say the prime minister is incapable of anything, yet somehow he was able to create global inflation but let’s just set that aside for a second,” Gerretsen said. 

“They voted in favour of the money that we spent during the pandemic,” he shouted. “I want to dig into this new found interest that the Bloc Québécois has in calling out the Conservatives for the populism that is on full display right now.”

“It’s a populist approach we’ve seen for the last year and a half in this House, it’s the populist approach the leader of the Opposition took during his leadership campaign and it is indeed a populist approach that they are taking now,” he affirmed. 

“What do populist individuals do, Madam Speaker? They suggest outlandish ideas in order to garner support for people who are vulnerable in particular.” 

While Gerretsen was rambling, Conservatives were heckling the member for his speech.

After question period concluded, Rebel News was waiting outside of West Block to scrum MPs as they left Parliament. There, we ran into Transport Minister Omar Alghabra.

Alghabra, as expected, did not answer any questions.

Instead, Justin Trudeau’s beloved transport minister decided to deliver a cringe-worthy wave at the camera while saying “have a good day.”

Alghabra was asked why, if the Liberals are so focused on affordability, his party will not cancel the upcoming tax hikes or simply cut taxes generally speaking. He did not respond. 

He was also asked why the Liberals refused to condemn a threatening tweet towards a Conservative MP, given the party’s recent complaints about mean tweets online directed at state-funded journalists. 

Stay tuned, our full interaction with Alghabra will be available at

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