Our 4-part plan to fight Trudeau's Internet censorship law, Bill C-11

Ezra Levant explains the four-part plan Rebel News has to fight back against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Internet censorship law, Bill C-11.

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Last week, the Senate passed the final approval of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Internet censorship legislation, Bill C-11, now officially known as the Online Streaming Act.

Rebel News has been warning about this bill since it was first announced, a viewpoint shared by numerous content creators of all types — and even Google itself.

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra explained how we're planning to fight back against this attack against Internet freedom. Detailing the worst aspect of the new law, Ezra said:

Now to me, the scariest part of these conditions is 9.1.1(e), which forces the Internet companies to promote the content that Trudeau's regulator tells them to promote. They call that “discoverability.”

For example, when YouTube or Facebook suggests a video for you, your “For You” page, that's based on their algorithm, it's actually based on your own viewing habits. No more.

This section in the law says Trudeau can regulate quote, “the presentation of programs and programming services for selection by the public.” So now Trudeau can tell Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Rumble, Netflix, Spotify, whoever, which videos to promote and which videos to choose not to promote. Which ones to boost and which ones to hide. 

Gee, I wonder what he's going to do with news sources that he doesn't like? 

So, in response to this attack on Internet freedoms, Ezra laid out how we'll fight back through a four-step plan, which you can see below.

  1. Visit StopC11.comThis website contains information about C-11, including videos, articles, and expert opinions on its impact on Internet freedom.
  2. Sign the petition at StopC11.comA petition to repeal the law is available on the website. While the current heritage minister may not listen to this petition, it is hoped that future ministers or a Conservative government may take action.
  3. Learn about the law: We urge Canadians to educate themselves about C-11 and its potential consequences on Internet freedom. The more people understand the law, the more they can take effective action against it.
  4. Support legal challenges: Rebel News has a history of challenging censorship in court. By supporting these legal battles, Canadians can help protect their Internet freedom. You can help by donating using the form on this page or at StopC11.com.
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