Paramount Fine Foods CEO in hot water again for anti-Israel views

Just prior to the massive Stand with Israel walk in Toronto that attracted some 50,000 attendees, Mohamad Fakih took to Instagram to flag another event taking place at the same time and place — a Stand Against Israel protest.

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Paramount Fine Foods is well known for delicious edibles ranging from lentil soup to tabouli salad.

You may recall that back in January, Paramount’s CEO, Mohamad Fakih, was embroiled in a raging controversy regarding some recent tweets that many observers deemed to be anti-Israel and/or anti-Jewish.

One tweet read: “We don’t want your money. Please don’t bring us blood money.” Another tweet stated, “We don’t need your money. Our clients are respectful families from all backgrounds. We welcome everyone but not the one that supports baby killers and governments that are starving innocent civilians.”

Yet, who authored these tweets? And who was the intended audience? Who exactly is the “you” in these statements — a specific person or a group of people?

Alas, when it came to damage control, Mr. Fakih resembled an arsonist assigned to extinguish a forest fire. Which is to say, he actually made things worse when he took to mainstream media outlets to “clarify” the situation. His clarifications only made the story even more murky and confusing.

For example, Fakih was interviewed live by John Moore on Toronto radio station Newstalk 1010. His statements were equal parts rambling, nonsensical, and at times, completely unhinged.

Here’s a small sample:

It’s baffling. Especially the remark, “This tweet was deleted actually one second after because the person that actually typed it in our company is actually did not type it right.”

At the time, Rebel News reached out to Fakih. We had a brief conversation. Fakih said he was very busy, but he promised to get back to us right away. That was January; I believe we’re now in June.

But if you think that Fakih has learned from his missteps vis-à-vis putting antisemitism on the social media menu, well, think again.

That’s because just prior to the massive Stand with Israel walk in Toronto that attracted some 50,000 attendees, Fakih took to Instagram to flag another event taking place at the exact same time and at the exact same place. Namely, Stand Against Israel.

This was the vile pro-Hamas demonstration that festered at the intersection of Bathurst Street and Sheppard Avenue. Par for the course, the members of the new-age Hitler Youth Movement chanted genocide (“From the river to the sea”; “Intifada”; “Go back to Europe”, and so on).

This prompted author and podcaster Dahlia Kurtz to state the following on Instagram:

Why is Mohamad Fakih, the CEO of Paramount Foods, promoting an event that threatens the family Walk With Israel on Sunday? Why would someone with a prestigious Order of Canada do that? Did you know Palesign, the group behind the threatening protests, says a ‘community business owner’ has offered a $1000 bounty to the person who documents the most ‘crimes’ committed by a ‘Zionist’ that day? That sounds to me like a call to instigate crimes against Jews and film it. This protest – against a peaceful walk with a permit – has also posted a series of threatening promotional videos that include the inverted Ham triangle – the target used to target the terrorists’ marks. Let all of this sink in.

Naturally, we reached out to Fakih yet again. We wanted to know if he is now defaulting to the ol’ “somebody else sent the Walk Against Israel posting on my Instagram account” shtick.

We also wanted to know if Fakih is that “community business owner” offering the $1,000 bounty. If not, does he know who this community business owner is?

We did hear back from Fakih’s spokesman, who said that Fakih is not the “community business owner” offering the $1,000 bounty nor does he know the identity of that person.

Fair enough. But I asked the spokesman and Fakih himself, several times, if Fakih promoted the Walk Against Israel event on Instagram. And it’s been radio silence.

Well, I think that silence speaks volumes, actually. Such a shame, really. Maybe Mohamad Fakih is confused? Maybe he thinks he’s in the hostility business as opposed to the hospitality business?

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