Parental rights protesters face off with with far-left activists in Montreal over 'Palestinian cause'

'Don’t use the Palestinian cause to spread your agenda,' said a man over the microphone.

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Verbal clashes erupted over the "Palestinian cause" when radical trans activists started to sing Palestinian slogans against the Muslim community, who had gathered to protest against children’s indoctrination in the school system.

Last Saturday morning, a group of protesters gathered near McGill University to demonstrate against children’s indoctrination in the school system, including gender ideology and sexualization.

Among them was a significant portion of people from the Muslim community, similar to the “1 Million March for Children” on September 20, 2023, which took place in different cities across Canada.

Since the attack against Israel on Oct. 7, which caused more than 1000 deaths and resulted in over 100 hostages being taken by the terrorist group Hamas, protests against gender ideology and for parental rights have not been seen in Canada. “Don’t use the Palestinian cause to spread your agenda,” said a man over the microphone to the radical trans activists who were counter-protesting and chanting Palestinian slogans against them.

Nevertheless, the far-left activists didn’t stop and at one point shouted, “You are funded by Zionists, you should be ashamed.” The police on the scene separated the two groups to maintain peace. However, they allowed the radicals to occupy the middle of the street while ordering the “Protect Our Kids” protesters to stay on the sidewalks.

The two groups yelled at each other for a significant amount of time. Parents and supporters present during the protest expressed their concerns about what is happening in our school systems regarding gender ideology and sexualization.

They mentioned that schools should be used to teach basic elementary education such as math, physics, science, and language, not for spreading ideologies to children. Will we see more “Protect Our Kids” protests over the summer before the school year restarts?

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