Parliament Hill protesters host Family Fun Day

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What a sight to encounter in Ottawa the other day, something that was one part anti-lockdown demonstration and one part venue for kids to have fun in the great outdoors.

And so it was that a few hundred parents and their children rollicked on Parliament Hill for what was billed as a “Family Fun Day.”

(Remember those?)

The attendees indeed had lots of fun as they celebrated… normalcy. There were clowns and magicians and puppeteers and costumed superheroes on the Hill. Children took part in everything from dancing to kicking around a soccer ball to wrestling their siblings. Kids were just… being kids. And almost everyone wasn’t wearing a mask. It was as if folks, young and old alike, were partying like it was… 2019.

The event was the brainchild of sisters Stephanie and Samantha, who we first encountered at the Radisson Hotel in Toronto. Until recently, this sister act was conducting demonstrations at this property, which is now doing business as one of those gruesome government quarantine facilities. No families are having fun at this Radisson these days…

Still, while fun reigned on Parliament Hill during the four hour-long Family Fun Day, there was a hint of melancholy in the air. After all, only a few hundred attended, not several thousand (even though we have the feeling that if kids forced to stay home that day could’ve attended, they would’ve done so in a heartbeat).

Our take: so many parents, guardians and caregivers have been so indoctrinated by a year’s worth of coronavirus fear tactics spewed by all levels of government, the bureaucracies and the public health officials, and, of course, the rank-and-file membership of the Media Party. And so it is that a bunch of kids having fun outdoors is likely looked upon as a “superspreader” event, when there is zero evidence to indicate this is the case.

Bottom line: those who attended Family Fun Day indeed had a ton of fun. How sad that those children who were forced to remain sequestered at home indoors playing video games never got to enjoy the merriment of this day, all thanks to adults who remain inexplicably terrified of the Wuhan virus boogeyman.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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