Patrick Brown's enthusiastic enforcement of lockdowns

The Brampton, Ontario mayor's use of private security to patrol parks, playgrounds, cemeteries and more cost taxpayers in the city over $12 million.

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As the COVID pandemic begins to wane, Brampton's Mayor Patrick Brown has attempted to rebrand himself as a champion of responsible governance.

As one of the candidates running for the leadership of the Conservative Party, Mayor Brown would definitely prefer if we focused on his recent words, rather than his past actions when it comes to pandemic paranoia.

Sheila Gunn Reid joined David Menzies on last week's episode of Rebel Roundup to talk about her expose on just how much money the taxpayers of Brampton had to shell out for Mayor Brown's pandemic policing (spoiler: it's a lot).

Sheila told David that her issue wasn't just the over-zealous enforcement, it's also the constant lying:

That's my problem here. A lot of people didn't know much about the coronavirus pandemic in the early days, so naturally people overreacted. But that's not what Patrick Brown is saying here, and even when more information came in he continued to overreact, enforcing the lockdown outside at the playgrounds and at the dog parks.

He sent people to the dog parks to, I don't know, make sure dog owners were social distancing outside, again, at the dog park.

It's the lying. It's the trying to rebrand himself, even though an entire city lived in a police state enforced by Patrick Brown using outside security because the city didn't even have the resources to do the things that Patrick Brown wanted to do to the residents of Brampton.

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