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People have forgotten the cost of freedom | Christine Anderson, German MEP

German Member of European Parliament Christine Anderson joined The Ezra Levant Show to discuss how the West has quickly forgotten the true cost of freedom.

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A recent speech given in the parliament of the European Union was widely circulated online, with a German MEP condemning oppressive COVID restrictions and vaccine mandates that have spread across the western world.

That powerful message was delivered by Alternative for Germany Party MEP Christine Anderson.

Christine joined last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show to reflect on her viral speech and to espouse the important role civil liberties plays in the backbone of western democratic life.

Speaking about how little westerners appreciate their hard-won freedoms, Christine said:

People, especially in the western democracies, they no longer consider freedom, civil liberties and the rule of law as something special, as something that you need to fight for and defend every day. They see it as something God-given that just fell out of the blue sky one sunny day and oops, there it was. And people seem to have simply forgotten.

No, [freedoms] had to be fought for — and a lot of people shed blood in obtaining the society we now can enjoy to live in.

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