Petition to remove Australia's eSafety Commissioner hits 10,000 signatures

Support for Rebel News' call to action surges within a week as Australia's 'Censorship Czar' continues to lose public support.

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In less than a week, over 10,000 Australians have signed a petition demanding the immediate dismissal of Julie Inman Grant from her role as eSafety Commissioner.

Launched on June 6, the petition has gained significant traction, highlighting widespread dissatisfaction with Inman Grant’s approach to internet regulation.

Rebel News is leading the charge, urging the government to act swiftly against Inman Grant. Her recent efforts to impose global censorship on social media and her expansive national policies are seen as serious threats to free speech, setting a troubling precedent for government control over the internet.

While the eSafety Commissioner role could positively impact the removal of child sexual abuse material and the protection of victims of actual online crimes, Inman Grant, nicknamed "e-Karen," is accused of focusing more on censoring news that the woke elite prefer to hide.

Despite failing to enforce global censorship, Inman Grant, a former Twitter employee, persists in her efforts to restrict free speech and control the narrative in Australia. Though Elon Musk and X (formerly Twitter) have resisted her attempts, this only curbs her international ambitions, leaving her local overreach unchecked.

Signing and sharing the petition can send a strong message to both the government, which grants her unchecked authority funded by taxpayer money, and the opposition that initially empowered her.

Notably, such overreach would be impossible in her native US, where free speech is protected by the Bill of Rights.

Inman Grant asserts that her actions are intended to "keep us safe," echoing rhetoric used during the COVID-19 pandemic to justify power grabs. Her stance as an unelected eSafety Commissioner indicates a troubling trend towards increased censorship and government control over Australians' online content.

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