BREAKING: Police DROP incitement charge against Ballarat mum

Zoe Buhler, who was handcuffed and arrested while heavily pregnant in 2020, says she wants Dan Andrews held accountable

BREAKING: Police DROP incitement charge against Ballarat mum
Zoe Buhler was arrested in 2020
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Police have dropped an incitement charge against Ballarat mum Zoe Buhler after she was dramatically handcuffed and arrested in front of her young family in 2020.

The mother of three was arrested for her role in organising an anti-lockdown protest with the live video recording of the arrest going viral online and even drawing the attention of Australia's Human Rights Commission.

She was arrested after creating a protest event on social media at the height of Premier Dan Andrews' harsh statewide lockdown conditions.

Victoria Police said in a statement that they withdrew the single charge after determining it was "not in the public interest to continue with the prosecution".

It follows on from a number of high-profile incitement charges that have been dropped recently by Victoria Police, including those against Reignite Democracy Australia's Monica Smit in July.

Buhler told the media she had "no regrets" outside Ballarat Magistrates’ Court and that she hoped Premier Andrews would be “held accountable for his actions”.


The video spread like wildfire across the internet, racking up more than 10 million views with the vision showing her being arrested in her pyjamas while telling police she is pregnant.

She was held in Police custody overnight after being charged over the incident and granted bail on the condition she 'not post on social media or visit Ballarat CBD'.


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  • By Avi Yemini

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