Rebel's top picks from President Donald Trump's speech at CPAC in Dallas, Texas 8/6/22

Rebel's top picks from 45th United States President Donald Trump's CPAC speech at Dallas, Texas 8/6/22.

President Donald Trump's CPAC Dallas, Texas Speech Highlights 8/6/22
President Donald Trump's CPAC Dallas, Texas Speech Highlights 8/6/22
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At CPAC in Dallas, Texas, on August 8, 2022, 45th United States President Donald Trump spoke on the dominant subjects in American politics. Trump touched on the future of the Make America Great Again (MAGA) movement in the upcoming November elections, the US-Mexico border crisis, the dire state of geopolitics, and much more. The 45th President hinted at the possibility that he may run for the nation's highest office once again in 2024.

“As we take power out of Washington, we also need to take power back from the left-wing lunatics who are indoctrinating our youth.” Trump went on, “If federal bureaucrats are going to push this radicalism, we should abolish the department of education.”

“If you look at countries around the world the only ones that don’t have a drug problem are those that institute the death penalty for drug dealers,” said Trump while discussing the high crime rate and social decay in America.

“Job number 1 for the next president and the next congress will be to restore public safety… our country is now a cesspool of crime,” said Trump referring to the poor state of public safety in the USA.

“We were going to leave with strength and dignity, and we were going to keep Bagram, not for Afghanistan but because China’s nuclear plants are one hour away, where they make their nuclear weapons,” said Trump commenting on Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal.

“They want to do the biggest tax hike in history for Green New Deal Stuff,” said Trump referring to the latest Inflation Reduction Act passed recently by congress. He went on to say the USA should be energy independent again.

“To remove rogue bureaucrats and root out the deep state, congress should pass groundbreaking reform empowering the president to ensure that any federal employee who is corrupt, incompetent, or unnecessary for the job can be told, you’re fired.”

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  • By Sarah Stock

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