Press freedom? Nope, here's your COVID-19 ticket

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Loss of press freedom is a reality in Canada and is a threat to our society.

The year has just started and already, we at Rebel News have brought you many examples of this.

Some of the attempts to limit the press have been directly targeted toward us here at Rebel News. Like how recently, the RCMP showed up at my colleague Keean Bexte’s door. They did so to threaten and intimidate him, after he LEGALLY tweeted about the proof he shared that shows Justin Trudeau was well aware of an outbreak of a serious virus that had infected members of the Canadian Armed Forces last fall. These soldiers then returned from China to their homes across Canada, long before what Trudeau led you and I to believe was our first COVID-19 case.

Others who share information that doesn’t align with the mainstream narrative have also been punished for doing so. Last week we told you about Donald Smith, a disabled online journalist who was fined $880 while covering a protest. Smith is now one of our newest Fight the Fines cases, where we provide free top notch lawyers to fight unconstitutional fines on their behalf.

Today, I have yet another report on another disabled journalist, Robert Dunn, who makes a good portion of his income writing in his weekly coffee paper, the Valley Peak.

Dunn was fined for daring to write about a peaceful freedom from lockdown protest that was scheduled to take place in his area.

Watch his story here

If you’d like to team up with Rebel News so that we can continue to provide free legal counsel for people who are receiving tyrannical fines, or if you want to tell us about receiving your own fine, please head to

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  • By David Menzies

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David Menzies is being intimidated, falsely arrested, and harassed in a repeated effort. It needs to stop and we're fighting back.

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