Progressives infect 'Arthur' and the dictionary

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Day by day, progressive politics are taking a stranglehold on everything: TV, magazines, police forces ... deny their wacky beliefs, and they'll say you're fascist, or you just want the right to be mean.

Progressives don't have the same conscious as liberals, conservatives, libertarians or even environmentalists, they've elevated to a point where they are so sure that they're right, nothing they say needs to be questioned. It's just right.

The other day posted their definition of 'TERF' - which stands for Trans-Exclusionary-Radical-Feminist. The definition they provide is equally is as unintelligent as it is poorly written.

It describes TERF as feminists who are:

opposed to including transgender women in spaces they reserve for people who were assigned female at birth. This is because they believe trans women are men, and since men cannot coexist with their feminist ideologies, they exclude them from their beliefs and support. In fact, they often believe they should be denied rights and sometimes advocate for harm against trans people.

This is not a definition, it's an opinion. I don't think anyone could have predicted the crazies would come for the dictionary, but if you think about it, it makes perfect sense.

You've seen police stations in the U.K. come for online comments and tweet that wrong speak won't be tolerated. Expect that here, since we don't have a first amendment, like the U.S.

Think we're immune? Check out the "Equity and Inclusion Unit" from the Durham Regional Police, a suburb just east of Toronto.

As long as the progressive mob agrees, it will do to you what it wants.

Look no further than the newest policy from the Mayor of Los Angeles. If you don't comply, the government can take away your human rights.

There's nothing too big or too small for progressives. They've got a lot of time on their hands as you can imagine.

That leaves room for obvious endeavours re-watching old Seinfeld episodes and cataloguing every single black character ever on the show. It's very important to categorize this, because how will we know how racist everything was 25 years ago if we don't write weird, confusing articles about how problematic sitcoms are?

Thankfully, children no longer have to wonder about police violence either because the show Arthur is here to teach them.

Sorry bunny rabbits and aardvarks, the time for thinking you're not the problem is over.

Listen to your teacher when she says it's time to become activists because you saw something in the news, without looking into it, at all.

Progressives don't care about your opinion or being impartial in anything; they're right, you're wrong.

Somehow, this projection of everyone being sexist and racist, always ends in a need for radical socialism, exactly in line with the politicians pushed by pop culture.

Strange how that works, isn't it?

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  • By Ezra Levant

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