Project Veritas SUES New York Times for defamation

Project Veritas SUES New York Times for defamation
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Project Veritas is set to sue The New York Times for defamation over reports that Veritas’ videos are “deceptive.”

James O’Keefe, Project Veritas’ founder, stated “We are not going to forget the transgressions against us. Today Project Veritas is suing The New York Times in New York’s Supreme Court - And we will win.” Project Veritas has covered various scandals regarding illegal ballot harvesting in regards to the 2020 election, providing reporting alongside evidence to substantiate its claims. James O’Keefe stated in a video released on Friday via Twitter:

We are not going to forget the transgressions against us. Today, Project Veritas is suing The New York Times in New York’s Supreme Court - and we will win.

Several weeks ago, The New York Times published two articles saying that our Minnesota ballot harvesting investigation was “deceptive.” The New York Times made this false claim saying our story relied solely on “unidentified sources” and showed no evidence of ballot harvesting. This is absolute hogwash, dishonest, and libelous.

The central focus of our story was this man, Liban Mohamad, who filmed himself bragging about illegally harvesting hundreds of ballots, not “unidentified” by any stretch of the imagination. And the primary name on the record sourced for this investigation was a man named Omar Jamal, a well known Somali-American community leader in Minneapolis.

But here’s the absolute crazy irony in all this -- The New York Times itself has published at least 10 articles quoting Jamal in matters relating to the Somali-American community -- so the lack of honesty and hypocrisy by The New York Times would be laughable if it weren’t so defamatory.

Our legal team demanded a retraction, in our letter dated Sept. 30 we made clear our concerns and plans.

In the statement, O’Keefe references a letter that was sent to The New York Times requesting a retraction of the claims O’Keefe maintains are defamatory.

“Dear Ms. Astor & Mr. Baquet, 

The reality is your articles are so misinformed and libelous and were published with a clear intent to harm… accordingly, the only appropriate response is a wholesale retraction of the articles. Please understand that if the articles are not retracted by close of business, Friday, Oct. 2, 2020, we will sue.”

O’Keefe added that in response to the letter, The New York Times responded several days later, declining the request and has refused to issue a retraction.

Project Veritas sought representation with law firm Clare Locke, which has previously won cases against The New York Times.

“You defamed us. We are suing you. We will depose you. Will will expose you. And we will win. As you recall Project Veritas has never lost a lawsuit in our corporate history,” stated O’Keefe, who also warned USA Today, local television stations, and Facebook to make retractions or face embarrassment.

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