Propaganda is for foreign enemies, not skeptical Canadians | Ezra explains gov't monitoring plan

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Back in August, the Ottawa Citizen released a story detailing how the Canadian Forces had been instructed to form a plan to guide its efforts to assist the Trudeau government during the pandemic. That plan happened to include an idea for the Canadian military to be used to monitor individuals on social media who were skeptical about the governments actions. 

It sounds ridiculous, but thanks to an access to information request made by Rebel News, we now have that plan. On yesterday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra delved into the details of the 15-page report, saying:

In the end, the government claims they did not approve this plan. Of course, it's hard to know with propaganda. Sometimes you can see propaganda, it's not pretending to be hidden... The thing about propaganda is it's not always what they call 'white propaganda'; there's 'grey propaganda'; and then there's 'black propaganda' which hides who's doing it and what it is.

So perhaps the story in the Ottawa Citizen that the Trudeau government nixed the campaign — maybe that's a true story. Or perhaps it's a form of propaganda itself, using the Ottawa Citizen to spread propaganda that 'no, no, no, the Liberals would never spy on Canadians. Pay no attention to this 15-page document that was written and reviewed by literally dozens of senior military people. No, no, no. It's dead. So if anyone ever mentions it or suspects it, you can know we nixed that idea.'

Just ask the Ottawa Citizen which takes $140,000 a week from Justin Trudeau's Liberals. So you know they would never lie to you.

That's the thing about engaging in deception: once you do it, people are never quite sure if you've stopped, even if you say you have.

This monologue is just a portion of the full edition of The Ezra Levant Show. For access to the rest of the show, and many more, be sure to SUBSCRIBE to RebelNews+.

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