WATCH: "Protect your hard-won freedoms," Ezra Levant tells Glenn Beck

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Ezra Levant joined host Glenn Beck on BlazeTV to recap the Montreal police raiding Rebel News' Airbnb while reporting on anti-lockdown protests.

The Rebel News team gathered in the French-speaking province to cover a weekend's worth of protests, only to be forcibly detained and searched by police before they could set out to perform essential media duties.

For weeks, Rebel News reporters have been reporting on Montreal's restrictive lockdowns and curfews, during which police have shined lights, harassed and even made derogatory comments towards videographers and staff.

Rebel News decided to send a team to the city but were accosted by a large force of police, who detained, pushed and even handcuffed Rebel reporters. Beck and Levant discuss some of the more shocking footage that has surfaced from Canada's least-free province.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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