“Yikes!” Bureaucrats handling Trudeau's cash hand-outs to media shocked by contracts

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Earlier this year Justin Trudeau announced a 650 million dollar bailout package to mainstream media companies.

The handouts are going to be administered by a panel of journalists hand-selected by Liberals and then divvied out amongst media companies who have no idea why nobody wants to read them anymore.

Qualifications for the bailout require the media company to be “trusted” by the aforementioned journalist appointees.

But there's yet another way the media is being bribed and wooed by the Trudeau Liberals. The government is paying for huge contracts with mainstream media companies for “news clippings.”

Blacklock’s Reporter had the details in an exclusive report today:

“Unidentified federal executives in 2017 asked that sole-sourced contracts be issued to two media companies for news clippings. Observer Media Group Inc. of Vancouver to date received contracts worth $435,400. “We’re very excited about this,” an Observer manager wrote the department. The Observer posts a newsstand price of $140 a year. It has two accredited reporters on Parliament Hill.”

The other media company getting a contract for news clippings was iPolitics - a Toronto Star company.

According to the Blacklock's report, iPolitics has “to date received sole-sourced contracts worth $540,357. The website posts a newsstand subscription price of $198 a year. It has four reporters on Parliament Hill.”

The amounts being dished out to these sycophantic media companies shocked even the most entrenched government bureaucrats tasked with administering the contracts. One said “yikes” and another said “yowzers”. No kidding!

Media companies reporting on the Liberals are also relying on the Liberals to stay afloat. It’s a clear conflict of interest that has already been tainting their coverage of Trudeau and his Libranos.

However, I have an antidote for this problem of the mainstream media bias. The cure is the Rebel. We've got 1.25 million YouTube subscribers and we're not afraid to make enemies if it means we are pursuing the truth.

Check our new website at Campaign2019.com.

There we detail our plan to give you honest, first hand, on the ground journalism wherever the stories are during the federal election just like we did during Alberta's! We are also unveiling a new book written by Ezra Levant called “The Libranos” that catalogues all of Trudeau’s corruption. This book comes with its own fun Librano lawn signs that will surely annoy all the right people.

But we need your help to do this. Our goal is to raise $100,000 to cover the cost of deploying five reporters across the country to hold the Liberals to account for their own record these past 4 years.

Thank you for helping us tell the other side of the story. Our mission has never been more important than now.

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