“We want to fight for all Quebecers,” says CPQ leader Éric Duhaime at campaign kickoff

Duhaime presented new candidates for the CPQ ahead of the provincial election set for October 3.

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On Thursday, June 16, Éric Duhaime, leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec (CPQ) held an event launching his festival tour around the province. The launch event was in Trois-Rivières, where Duhaime presented four new candidates in different ridings. 

Many supporters showed up at the community centre in support of Duhaime. The upcoming provincial election is set to take place on October 3, and the Conservative Party of Quebec is now the second opposition party in the polls. The CPQ hasn’t been receiving much coverage from the legacy media because all the focus has been on the new controversial candidates who have joined the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) recently, like Bernard Drainville, an ex-Parti Québécois member.

After two years of lockdown and government control, Canada is entering a dark economic period of high inflation. Many people are going to suffer from it, and I took the time to ask attendees about their biggest current political concerns.

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