Quebec introduces an unvaxxed tax and the COVID cult cheers it on

Government, media, civil liberties groups — all silent on Quebec's discriminatory new plan to tax the unvaccinated.

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Yesterday, in a shocking announcement, Quebec Premier Francois Legault declared his province would be introducing a “significant” tax on unvaccinated adults without a medical exemption in the province.

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra not just his reaction to the new policy, but reactions from some Canadian members of the COVID cult.

Government opposition leaders? Civil liberties groups? The media? Surely, someone must be concerned and speaking out about this, right?

Well, as Ezra said last night:

Curfews again in Quebec, for heaven's sakes. And the civil liberties people? Hiding, as usual.

OK, how about the media? Speaking truth to power, skeptical of punishing the sick and the poor, worried about the idea of breaking the universality of health care.

Why, they couldn't be be happier.

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