RCMP wants to reinvent itself as the thought police

People are upset at politicians, but not upset enough to violate the Criminal Code. This, according to RCMP Commissioner Michael Duheme, is justification for creating more laws to censor Canadians.

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RCMP Commissioner Michael Duheme recently called on legislators to draft new laws to protect politicians from bad behaviour. Behaviour that, as it stands, does not meet the threshold to violate the Criminal Code, which is something the commissioner wants to see change.

“People feel more free to express what they really think, which is a good thing, but it has to be done in a civil way. Every elected official has a right to feel secure in doing their job,” Duheme said.

On Wednesday night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, guest host David Menzies looked at these complaints from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's handpicked RCMP boss.

Despite the Trudeau Liberals pushing the censorious bill C-36, the so-called 'online harms' bill, David said this already Orwellian legislation doesn't go far enough for those looking to be protected from mean words. If they get their way, David said:

We will have a nation that resembles a witch's brew of 1984, Minority Report and the Star Chamber. But for censorious thugs like Duheme, the tyranny of bill C-63 is clearly not enough. There must be other new rules regarding free speech, new laws required to remedy a problem that does not exist.

Oh, and when Duheme uses the term "other tools," what is he referring to, exactly? Wouldn't those other tools be that big bazooka in the government toolbox, known as the Emergencies Act?

You know, I bet Duheme would love to have the Emergencies Act permanently in place. That would make things go so much easier for the Mounties, wouldn't it? You know, without having to deal with all that due process stuff gumming up the works?

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