REACTIONS: Is 'Drag Queen Story Hour' appropriate for children?

We took to the streets of Montreal to ask residents how they feel about children attending drag shows and strip clubs.

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Recently, in a viral video on Twitter, we witnessed children taking part in a drag queen show in Texas. We also saw the children handing out money to the drag queens who were performing in front of them. The provocative dancing and atmosphere resembled that of a strip club.

In many places in Canada, there have been government-endorsed events at public libraries involving drag queens reading stories to and interacting with young children. I do love drag queen shows myself, but when it comes to children, I think it is legitimate to ask some questions to consider their health and safety.

In this report, we tried to contact one of the libraries that offered a drag queen story hour with kids and received a shocking answer from them.

So we took to the streets of Montreal to ask people their thoughts on drag queen events intended for children and whether the government should be promoting these kinds of activities for youth.

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