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If you're a regular watcher or reader of Rebel News, you've certainly seen some of the lawsuits we've been involved in. 

For example, suing regulators for access to the leaders' debates, suing police for arresting or abusing our reporters, suing thugs who try to censor our journalism, or suing the government to try to end quarantine hotels. 

Reporting the news independently can be more costly than one might think. Rebel News and our reporters are constantly under attack – by the mainstream media, the radical Left, and even some politicians and governments.

Rebel News will never be intimidated by these attacks – we will always show up to tell the other side of the story. And we will always fight back.

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Here are some of the important lawsuits Rebel News is involved in:

Rebel News took the Australian state of Victoria to the Supreme Court — the highest court in the state over their police's continued harassment of our journalist, Avi Yemini.

Please, help Avi in his case, which will have implications for any media who don't toe the line in Australia, by donating at

Our reporter, David Menzies was manhandled, he was shoved, his head was slammed into a wooden fence, his hands were cut open, and his equipment (and wristwatch) were damaged by Trudeau's bodyguards.

Help fund our legal efforts by donating at

On February 19, 2022, Rebel News journalist, Alexa Lavoie, was brutally assaulted and targeted by the police while covering the peaceful Freedom Convoy protests in Ottawa.

Rebel News is suing on Alexa's behalf — you can donate to offset the cost of her legal fees at

Trudeau’s hand-picked censors declare that only 1% of what Rebel News publishes is news and won’t give us a government news licence — we are fighting back, but we need your help.

We’ve filed the lawsuit against Trudeau in the Federal Court of Canada, please donate to our legal fund at

No one who assaults a journalist should get off easy. So, neither should Jonathan Yaniv, who assaulted Keean Bexte and David Menzies with a cane.

If you agree, please donate to cover the cost of our lawsuits against Yaniv and the cost to defend Rebel News against this serial litigator at


PayPal, the online credit card processor, cut off Rebel News. They say we violated their terms of service. But they didn’t say how or when or what or even suggest how to fix whatever the problem might be. So, we're suing them.

Please help us recoup our lost revenue at

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